Is the General Assembly UXDI Bootcamp worth it?

Published 29 June 2021
Contemplating on enrolling in the GA UXDI Bootcamp in Singapore? Read ahead to see my thoughts on what you should take into account, what I personally found useful and things to look out for!
A user sketching and highlighting on paper in front of a desktop

The answer as to whether the GA UXDI Bootcamp is worth it, like most things, is that it depends. For me, I enrolled and started classes during the circuit breaker in 2020- so we transitioned from completely remote classes to the 3 days remote and 2 days on campus arrangement (which is the current arrangement pre June lockdown in 2021 when this article was published).

3 Key Considerations

One thing that is really important is to manage expectations going in. 3 key things that you need to consider in making your decision:

  1. It's an immersive Bootcamp - As the name implies, it will be fast paced - you will be in class 8 hours a day and then be expected put in extra hours in order to complete course projects to pass the course. As a parent, I made sure that I had adequate support and measures put in place in order to make sure I could commit and take the course seriously.
  2. It states no technical background necessary which is true but what I think should have been clearer during the course is that students need is to take a long hard look at your existing skill set and compare that to minimum requirements of your desired UX career - and hustle hard to bridge that gap- at the end of the day it is still just a 3 month course - once you have an idea of what area of UX you want get into at the end of the day - further up-skilling may be required. Bear in mind that a  generalist ux designer would still need a baseline level of design skills, while this may not be expected with a specialist UX research role.
  3. Financial considerations- Boot-camps are expensive and General Assembly is no exception. There are certainly plenty more affordable options out there if you were just wanted to learn more about User Experience Design and were comfortable with studying online. See below for a cost comparison:
However, once the TIPP subsidies are factored in, it does become a more attractive option.

Will it help me land a job?

One thing you might be thinking about is how much will doing the Bootcamp help you land a job? GA makes no job guarantees and doing a bootcamp is certainly no magic wand to getting a job-  don't expect for a job to be handed to you - experience is obviously going to count - as a job seeker I had to continuously balance the act of up-skilling myself, gaining relevant experience and then learning to package and present said skills and experience - the job hunting journey warrants a post in itself!

What I liked and would recommend the course for

However, now that I've had some time to reflect on the course there are certainly things that I would recommend it for:

What could have been done better

As always, there were a few things that I felt could have been better:


TLDR: Good if it makes financial sense and you have the luxury of going 12 weeks without income coming in from not working, as you will have little time to work on anything but the course over the duration of the course. You will also have to put in the time and effort on actual job seeking after the course - so take this into consideration! There are plenty more affordable options (particularly if you don't qualify for the TIPP subsidy) that will give you the technical skills but may not have some of the other perks mentioned above especially access to the GA alumni/network.