I'm Azy

Hey there!

I’m a designer and researcher looking to further my career in the design space.

I was born and raised in Malaysia and am currently based in Singapore. I was working in the public sector working at the federal level working on initiatives focused on transitioning Malaysia to a high income developed nation focusing on public safety, tourism sector and public transport sector. During this time, I honed my skills in project management, critical thinking and stakeholder management- skills relevant to conducting user research.

Throughout my time there, I facilitated a multitude of design thinking workshop in order to develop initiatives and programmes that would solve user problems.  More recently, my work with a start up in the home decoration industry has allowed me to use my user research and design skills in developing the company's branding and website.

My time as a UX designer has reaffirmed that this field is an ideal fit for my interests and existing skill sets. I would like to use UX design as a way to solve user problems one projects at a time, focusing specifically on user research.

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